Submitted by Tammy Owens

LOCATION:  From FM 20 and FM 535 near Rockne, go SE on 535 for a distance of 4.4 miles to the Watterson Road which is Cnty Rd 207, turn left on 207 and go .4 miles to Cnty Rd 208, turn right and follow this road for 2.2 miles to the end of the road.  Entrance to former Eastland property is a locked metal gate on the left.  Cemetery is on the west bank of Sandy Creek.

State Historical grave marker: Nicholas Washington Eastland was born in Kentucky in 1804, came to Texas in 1834, a Volunteer Soldier in Captain Horton's Company, Colonel Fannin's Command.  In the spring of 1836 he escaped capture in the Battle of Colete, died 1891.

Banks, Charles Q           3/11/1886     10/10/1889     Charles "Dinkle" Banks
Eastland, Agnes Dibrell    1897          1904     
Eastland, Bell             x             1903     
Eastland, Clifton          x             1900     
Eastland, Fannie Bates Moore     
                           1804          1859     
Eastland, James William    1870          1932     
Eastland, Mattie M         1849          1904     
Eastland, Melvina Whitworth1868          1904     
Eastland, Nicholas Bryant  x             1899     
Eastland, Nicholas W       1804          1891           B. KY in 1804, came to TX in 1834, Vol. soldier 
                                                        in Capt Horton's Co, Col. Fannin's Command. In 
                                                        spring of 1836 he escapted capture in Battle of 
                                                        Colete, died 1891-Historical marker
Eastland, Olivia           x             x     
Eastland, Pudgie           x             x     
Eastland, Reba             x             x              2nd wife of Nicholas W Eastland
Eastland, Thomas Butler    1827          1857     
Eastland, Tiny             x             x     
Eastland, William M        x             x              Co B 17 TX Inf CSA
Fuller, ?                  x             1879     
Lundy, Joe                 x             1912     
McGuire, Mary Eastland     1835          x     
McGuire, West              x             x     
Nash, Bell                 x             1876     
Nash, Edgar                x             x     
Nash, Orlean               x             x     
Stranger                   x             x              Man found dead on property
Wainscott, Baby            x             1878     
Wainscott, Mrs             x             1878     
Wainscott, Tom             x             1890     
Ware, Eliza M              2/16/1839     3/6/1879