Glenn Family Cemetery

Bellville, Austin Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Joy S. Neely 

The Alexander Glenn Family Cemetery is located on the corner of N. Hunt St. & W. Glenn St. in Bellville, TX.  Take 1456 (Holland Street) north from the courthouse to Glenn Street and turn left and go two blocks to Hunt Street, the cemetery is on the left   There are only three know burials.  

Note:   There is a large tombstone with GLENN on the front.  On one   side there is Alexander Glenn 1894.  The other side has Sarah P.   Alexander 1899.  There are small stones with A. G. and S. P. A.  carved in them and another with S. A. G. and on the back of this one  is Jan. 1910.   There are three completely blank stones which I assume  were foot stones.

Last Name First Name` Birth Death
Glenn  Alexander 15 April 1812 15 October 1894
Glenn Sarah Pamplin Shelburne 1 May 1819 7 July
Glenn Sarah Alexander Glenn 5 December 1850 15 January