Poteet, Atascosa County, Cemeteries of Texas

  Submitted by Barbara Ann Byrom Driver  poteetbarb@aol.com


(1)               Take Hwy 16 south from San Antonio, Texas to Farm Road 476 just as you get into Poteet, Texas (about 20 miles from Loop 410.)

(2)               Turn right on Farm Road 476 and go about 3.3 miles to Farm Road 1333.

(3)               Turn left on FR 1333 and go about 1.3 miles.

(4)               The Lott Cemetery is on the left side of the road fenced and bearing the sign Lott Cemetery.


Starting on the far left side of the first row of tombstones facing east are the following:


He Protected and He Served

Lott, Tom J. Oct. 9, 1904 Feb. 28, 1988

(Inscribed is a sheriff’s badge)

 *Note: Tom Lott was a sheriff in Atascosa Co. and he and his wife, Fay, lived on the same street as I in Poteet, Texas. Their daughter, Betty Lou Algea and I were schoolmates. Betty’s half brother, Clifton Lott, is in law enforcement. (This is just for your information, not the site.)

 Lott, Faye June 12, 1909 Oct. 29, 1983

(Praying hands inscription)


Lott, Julia Batchelor Nov. 20, 1911 Oct. 29, 1990

(In Loving Memory)


Lott, Edward Lee March 29, 1907 Dec. 26, 1947

(In Loving Memory)


Lott, J. Robert 1846 1930

Inscribed with:

Crossed Confederate Flags with crossed swords and the words




Lott, Eva Lee 1870 1929

 In Memory of

(crossed hands reaching across top)

Lott, John W. July 22, 1839 Aug. 24, 1894


Unmarked metal marker


Marker about 5 feet tall shaped like a tree trunk with cut limbs.

Inscribed on the top portion with an emblem of the

Woodmen of the World Memorial

Tutschke, Bernhardt R. Feb. 11, 1887 Sept. 13, 1917

(Gone but not forgotten)


Unmarked wooden stake.


infant son of

J. N. & A. C. Simmons Aug. 20, 1900 Aug. 28, 1900

Simmons, J. N Nov. 30, 1844 Aug. 21, 1903


A light from our household is gone.

A voice we loved is stilled,

A place is vacant in our hearts

That never can be filled.


Simmons , Charles Anna March 11, 1863 June 23, 1934


Russell, Belle A. Nov. 9, 1890

(no death date)



Tutschke Ernest R. April 27, 1910 July 17, 1922

(toy soldier with a hobby horse in lower left corner)


Second row with tombstones facing east, only one stone.


Lott , William Steven Oct. 14, 1900 Dec. 5, 1940

(In God’s Loving Care)


On the far right side of the cemetery are two large double headstones with urns or vases between the stones on each grave.


VALDEZ, Micaela Feb. 20, 1890 Dec. 24, 1984

VALDEZ, Pedro June 29, 1883 Oct. 19, 1972


VALDEZ, Evangeline Jan. 31, 1919

VALDEZ, Lloyd V. Feb. 11, 1916 June 14, 1985



 Coordinator Cemeteries of Texas - S. Koym