Smith-Unknown Cemetery

(located inside Concord Cemetery)
Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J

Surveyed by: Debra Coursey Pitts & son D.J. in March 2003.

**NOTE** This cemetery is now included, along with several others, which will be listed separately) in the area known as Concord Cemetery, located 5 miles SE of Zavalla,Tx .on Hwy.63.It was relocated in the 1959-1960 time span, when    Lake Sam Rayburn was built by the US Corps. of Engineers. 
Memorial marker in front of this section reads: In memory of Sula Smith , Alonzo Smith ,George S.Smith , Nancy Sumeral Smith ,
Mary Ann Letney , Infant Boy Letney , Mary Spears Griffin , George O. Drake - re-interred from the Smith Cemetery but grave locations unknown.

This section has 24 flat markers , marked only with a #(number) and cemetery name from which they were originally taken. No individual names.
(example only: #1 Smith or #303 Unknown,etc.)

I apologize if any marker or name has been misprinted or left out. Many are now sinking into the soft, muddy soil and are covered by grass, not easily spotted unless you happen to stub your toe on some of them. There are also MANY small flat marker stones and at times it is hard to determine if this is for someone who has already been buried or if it is to mark a future tombstone. 
Name Birth Death

HUDSPETH,James Harold - 12-20-1911 1-31-1972 Arkansas F2 US Navy
HUDSPETH,Jewell M. - 9-25-1913 

GLIDEWELL,James A. - 12-3-1928 1-2-1993 wed.on 6-12-1947 to Wanda
GLIDEWELL,Wanda M. - 12-13-1930

JONES,Burton B."Jim" - 6-16-1926 
JONES,Pauline L.Parker- 3-7-1931 8-12-2002 
(in line with these markers are 4 concrete stones with the names Burlon,
Russel,Carla,Shyanne on them)

Mr.ROGERS - died 1882-(no other dates this is a flat marker in the unknown section)

SCOTT,James Radnal"Scotty"- 12-31-1917 8-15-1988
SCOTT,Barbara Ann Shafer- (no dates)....located on same stone is:
SCOTT,Wm.,H."Bill" - only date is 8-28-1943

SLOCUM,Donald M. - 8-19-1925 6-18-1989

Located on the same marker are the following:
PARKER,John B. - 5-14-1916 9-26-2000
STEINMETZ,Lester J. - 12-28-1923 3-10-1990