Clark's Ferry Cemetery

Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J

Surveyed by Debra Coursey Pitts and son DJ in Sept.2003

Location: Hwy 59 south of Diboll, just north of Neches River bridge, west side.

This is an Angelina County Historical site , info on it below:
Marker Text: Established by I. D. Clark in 1856, this ferry provided an important crossing on the Neches River between Angelina and Polk counties. When Clark died in 1859, his widow, Ann, operated the ferry with the help of two slaves until her own death in 1863.
Ownership of the land remained in the Clark family. In 1881 W. B. Clark was issued a license to operate the ferry. A town was platted at the ferry crossing and named Clark's Station, also known as Miami. In 1860 a community cemetery was established north of the town. The ferry was phased out after modern highways were built. (...taken from Angelina Co. Homepage site )

At the time of my survey this cemetery was in bad need of restoration. The last reported work done here was 10 years previously. It was a mass of trees, underbrush, poison ivy vines, thorns and litter. This made the identifying of most markers very hard, so I apologize if all the info is not correct or complete on your loved ones. The location, age and condition of the markers made it very hard to read. You may view most of the markers on the tombstone photo page and see the condition of
the cemetery for yourself, be sure to look at the "cemetery view" shot .You will see there what a volunteer has to go through to do their job :)           
There were several chunks of stone in various places, could have been grave markers or debris I don't know. There is also a large area in the center of this cemetery that has a concrete border around it with various names scratched into it....(Weeks was one name), I could not decide if this was to mark an existing burial site or a burial site for the future or what it's exact purpose was. can be seen in photos) If you can help to fill in any of the missing info please notify me.

The following markers were found:
Name Birth Death
JORDEN Woodmen of the World Memorial stone


Emaline WILEY 1866 1944

Caroline WILEY 1869 1944

William H.WILEY 1842 1879

Jefferson D.SMITH 1863 1941 

John WILEY 1865 1919

Obediah RHAMES 1828 1860

J.D.SMITH 1825 1863

Martha Jane BOONE-RHAMES-SMITH-WILEY 1832 1889

Peter MORRIS 4-5-1831 2-?-1919

Louisa wife of Peter MORRIS 9-17-1856 ?-?-1898(?)

Ellen Keen MORRIS 1879 1900

B.J.MORRIS 8-6-1832 9-19-1920

Beatrice C.MORRIS-HILL 1886 1904 

Sarah Jane Minerva ?(possibly SAXON )5-1857 10-?-? 
(is enclosed by old rusty fence,marker is crumbling,been cemented back in place, hard to read) 

Alvin HAMBY 3-13-1852 2-10-1906

double marker: SULLIVAN, Patrick F. 3-7-1860 5-24-1953 he was a Mason 
SULLIVAN,Mattie H. 3-1-1845 1-18-1918
"Kind and loving were your ways.Faithful,fond and true." 

Thomas G.HAMBY 1815 1896 co N 11 Texas Inf CSA


Mary ( wife of OR dau.of ? ) PRICE

(?)T.H. son of A.N.& M.E.ROBERTS (appears to be)8-28-18?? unreadable

Henry McCANN ?-?-1894 1930

John McCANN 7-21-1857 3-10-1919

? McCANN 1-22-18_4 2-22-1917

UNREADABLE Marker beside a square stone block

Eliza BOONE 1848 19?? marker is under bush
Additional info added May 2004 : 
From A.Grimes:
Ms. Pitts,
The photo of the unidentified plot in Clark's Ferry 
Cemetery is my grandparents and great grandparent's family.
They are from left to right.

Charles Wesley Weeks (my grandparents)
b. 13 May 1872 
d. 5 March 1957

Martha Benita Ann (Conner) Weeks
b. 29 September 1880
d. 28 November 1949
w/o Charles Wesley Weeks

C. C. Conner (Christopher C.) (my great-grandparents)
b. 21 February 1852
d. 23 May 1937
His first wife,
Tabitha A. (Pruitt) Conner
d. 1884
Parents of Martha Benita Ann Conner-Weeks

Hubbard Lewis Weeks
b. 1 July 1907
d. 19 January 1931
s/o Charles Wesley & Martha Benita Ann Weeks.

Franklin Howard Weeks
b. 16 June 1913 
s/o Charles Wesley and Martha Benita Ann Weeks.

Edward Wesley Bell
b. 18 May 1929
d. 1 April 1950
s/o George W. & Tura (Weeks) Bell

Eula Modene Bell
b. 19 April 1933
d. 3 July 1934
d/o George W. & Tura (Weeks) Bell
Tura Weeks-Bell was the daughter of Charles Wesley & 
Martha Benita Ann Conner Weeks.

Any additions / corrections / or futher info are welcome.
Additional info sent to me in Feb.2006 by Mary Tucker of Georgetown,Tx.,
a decendant of several buried in this cemetery.Thank you Mary.

John McCann 7-21-1857 3-10-1919 
Full name John Washington McCann s/o John Washington McCann
b.1827 Mississippi d&buried 1862 Virginia (CSA)

Hannah SUSAN Martin b.03 Jan 1841 Mississippi d.03 Jan 1841 Texas
L. H. McCann 22 Jan 1864 2-22-1917
Full Name Lenora Honor (Madden) McCann 
d/o John J. Madden and Margaret Jane (Hutto)
John W. McCann and Lenora Madden were married 2-22-1917 Trinity County,Tx.

Henry McCann ?-?-1894 1930
Full name Henry Amos McCann s/o John W. and Lenora (Madden) McCann 
birth date is 07 Feb 1894 death date 16 Feb 1930

TIPTON,Susan - 1-3-1841 / 12-9-1904
Wife of Edward Tipton (2nd marriage)
Full name Hannah Susan Martin
First married John Washington McCann