Weaver Cemetery

Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J

Location: in southeastern Angelina County in the community known as Weaver's Bend.
This cemetery is basically abandoned , the last recorded burial according to the Angelina Co. Cemetery books is 1978.
He walked where I could not , up hills with washed out roads and creeks , in the July heat with mosquitoes everywhere in order to obtain the photos.

Names found in cemetery on various type markers during survey in July 2004 were as follows:

Mary A.Weaver 1876-1934 2nd w/o W.J.
W.J.Weaver 1846-1927 and S.C.Weaver 1846-1896 1st w/o W.J.
Suzie(or Susie)Weaver 1901 d/o W.J.& M.A.Weaver d.at about 4 yrs.old
Emily Weaver 1900
L.C.Weaver 1821-1911 & wife Caroline Grimes 1826-1911
William McGee
w/o William McGee
w/o Joel Banks
Lewis Crain d.1860's (approx.1864)Justice of the Peace in Angelina Co.1854
Ruthie Crain d.approx.1860 w/o Lewis
Lewis Crain grandson
There were numerous broken markers, unreadable markers , and unknown markers.
We transcribed the information as best we could under these circumstances.

According to the Angelina Co. Cemetery Records the following burials can be found in Weaver Cemetery:
Owens,Mildred Anese 5-3-1921 / 6-17-1978
Ricks,Llyellian Dean 4-5-1881 / 11-27-1882 s/o Mr.& Mrs.C.A.Ricks
Weaver,Charles 12-2-1853 / 6-28-? stone broken
Weaver,Larkin C. 8-24-1821 / 4-6-1911 came to Texas in 1840
Weaver,Caroline Grimes 9-24-1826 / 5-13-1911
Weaver,Nancy C. 10-18-1876 / 12-10-1879 d/o Charles
Weaver,William Joel 12-30-1846 / 4-9-1927 served in Confederate Army
Weaver,S.C.(McVey) 4-9-1846 / 7-11-1896 1st w/o William Joel
Weaver,Mary Alice(Ivy)Hammonds 1876-1934 2nd w/o of William Joel

Mr.Doyle Weaver says there are 4 children of Billy Weaver buried here and several banks and McGee's.

Hazel Page Mullis gave the following as unmarked graves:
Lewis Crain
Ruthis Crain (Smith)
Susie Weaver