Traweek Cemetery

Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J

Located in Angelina County east of Lufkin off Hwy.103E.

This cemetery is on private property owned by the Bryan Family.It will most likely be called Bryan Cemetery at some point in time.
(there are already Bryan markers set in place) This is "replacement" information being submitted by me, Debra Coursey -Pitts  since this cemetery was one of several having had it's files erased in the county. Forgive me if I've overlooked any names or missed any headstones. 
The grass is always very high in this cemetery so it's easy to overlook something. The following names can be found in this cemetery :

BAKER,William R. 6-21-1902 / 12-10-1962
BRYAN,Mr.& Mrs."Bo"J.A.
McELROY,Penny Vestal 8-30-1960 / 4-25-1997
TRAWEEK,H.P. 2-1-1850 / 3-20-1920
TRAWEEK,Henretta 11-14-1883 / 5-4-1927
TRAWEEK,inf. b.& d.2-2-1882
TRAWEEK,M.C. 1-10-1861 / 1-1-1902 (w/o H.P.Traweek)
TRAWEEK,Mary Pearl 11-12-1906 / 7-2-1907(d/o S.H.& O.Traweek)
TRAWEEK,Nancy 1826 / 1917 (w/o Stephen Traweek)
TRAWEEK,S.H. d.10-17-1870 (age 4 years)
TRAWEEK,S.P. 1-18-1850 / 4-2-1880(w/o H.P.Traweek)
TRAWEEK,S.T. 3-4-1825 / 11-16-1894 (age 69yrs.8mon.12dys.)
TRAWEEK,T.H. 9-29-1854 / 12-16-1888 (Mason)
TRAWEEK,William S. 3-19-1871 / 7-1-1949