(also known as FROST CEMETERY )

Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J

Information cataloged by Debra Coursey-Pitts in December 2002.
Location : Traveling north on Timberland Dr.,turn right on Paul Ave.,
proceed to Lubbock St. going right ,past Hackney School,left on Knight St.,
cemetery is where Knight St. dead ends into Walter St.

All burials occurred between the dates of 1901 and 1947.

Names of known burials....

ALLEN,Will                           JOHNSON,Levi David
ALLEN,Mrs.Emma                       JOHNSON,Mary J.
ANDERSON,G.W.                        JONES,Ed
ARRINGTON,Charles                    KING,Carrie
BAILEY,George W.                     LACY,Maggie
BALDWIN,Emmitt                       LAMB
BARNET,Elmore                        LEWIS,Mrs.Hager
BEASLEY,Mattie                       LONG,Robert Jr.
BEASLEY,Eula                         MATTHEW'S,Lula H.
BEEBEE,Jennie                        MCCARON,Lola
BERRY,Wauthenia                      MOORE,V.H.Haygood
BERRY,Susan                          MOORE,K.C.(inf.)
BOND,George                          MUNGER,Harry E.
BROWN,Willie                         OLD DAD
CALDWELL,(inf.boy)                   OWENS,Jeurol
CANCLER,Uncle Jim                    PALUM,Henry
CHANDLER,Mattie                      PATTON,Elise F.
CHASE,Laura                          PATTON,Claude
CONNER,Cecil                         PATTON.Mollie
COPELAND,Walter                      PEEVEY,Arbelle
COPELAND,Alfred                      PITMAN,Marrie
CUNNINGHAM,Sam                       PLATT,Lela
DAVIS,(inf.of Will)                  POLK,Willie
DAVIS,Squire                         POWELL,Vercy
DAVIS,(inf.of Era)                   PREWITT,Ludie(inf.twin boys)
DEWINGS,Mrs.Jessie                   RIPTOE,Babe
ELLIS,Martin                         RIPTOE,Alfred
EWING,McKinley                       ROBERTS,Baby
FIELD,Mary L.                        ROBERTS,Joe
FOSTER,Charlie Lee                   ROGERS,Dink
FRANCIS,Lum (inf.)                   ROSS,Jimmie Lee
FRANK,Uncle                          SEIGLER,John
FRAZIER,Essie                        SHEPHERD,Willard
GARRETT,Eliza                        SIPPIO,William
GARRY,Jon Henry                      SMITH,Ivey
GILLON,Beatrice                      STARKS,Willie P.
GREEN,Eli (inf.)                     STERN,Rena(inf.)
HACKNEY,Rhodia                       TAUGAMA,Frank
HACKNEY,George                       TAUVER,Milton(inf.)
HACKNEY,Lewis                        THOMAS,William
HACKNEY,Joe                          TURNER,Gus
HATTON,Norris                        VINSON,Thelma
HENDERSON,Richard                    WALKER,Reeves Bell
HENDERSON,Lula                       WATSON,Mrs.D.C.
HOLLAND,Margaret                     WHITE,Lennie
HUGHES,Sam                           WHITE,Tom
INGRAM,Kate                          WILKERSON,Frank
JACKSON,Elnora                       WILKERSON,Dortha L.
JAMES,Willis                         WILLIAMS,Houston
JOHNSON,W.S.(inf.son of )            WOODS,Tom(inf.dau.of)
JOHNSON,Gertrude L.                  WRIGHT,Jim
JOHNSON,Tom                          YOUNG,Izola
JOHNSON,Fred R.                      YOUNG,J.J.(inf.)

The historical marker on this site reads as folows:

R.D.Holland,Sydney Hackney and S.D.Long,trustees of an Angelina Co.
African-American cemetery group,aquired one acre here from the Lufkin
Land and Timber Co. in 1905.Recorded burials began in 1901.The graveyard
was first known as Frost cemetery but according to local tradition began
to be called Strangers Rest Cemetery about 1915 because of the large
number of drifters buried here.*The last recorded interment of Norris Patton
took place in 1946*.The site fell into disrepair but was reclaimed by members
of the local commumity and county volunteers in 1991-92.

*Norris Patton's name is not mentioned on the memorial stone.
JOHNSON,Emeline (inf.)