Johnson Cemetery

Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J

Johnson Cemetery , Angelina County

Transcription of Angelina County Cemetery Records vol.1 done by Debra Coursey Pitts 2003. Info is from the 1967 survey when the cemetery was still easily accessable. Location of this cemetery is in southeastern Angelina County near the Kitchens cemetery. It is an old abandoned cemetery , like so many , lost and forgotten about , so time and  nature have reclaimed it.
Names of record as being buried here are:

J.H.J (rock)
JOHNSON,Billey 11-2-1907 / 11-22-1908
JOHNSON,J.R. 11-16-1825 / 1-2-1875
JOHNSON,Lella May 7-22-1893 / 9-4-1896
JOHNSON,Lucinda 11-16-1875 / 11-4-1904
JOHNSON,Nancy,J. 6-25-1825 / 1-31-1917
JOHNSON,Perlina O. 10-31-1862 / 10-17-1885 - (consort of W.T.)
PICKERING,Elizabeth b.7-18-1835 in Alabama / d.7-30-1915 in Texas
PICKERING,Dr.John G. b.1-18-1818 in Ms. / d.2-4-1917 in Texas 
( Veteran of Battle of San Jacinto)
STANLEY,Mary age 64 years, no dates ,very old stone