Monastery of the Infant Jesus Cemetery

 (PRIVATE Cemetery)
Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J

Information obtained by Debra Coursey Pitts in January 2003.

Location : 1501 Lotus Lane,Lufkin,Tx.

Note: I wish to thank the Monastery & especially Sister Mary Catherine  for her assistance in aquiring & sharing this private information with me as well as Angelina County. The Monastery consists of about 60 acres of land and has been at this location
for approximately 55 years.
Religious Name
Secular Name ( birth name)
Born / parents names/ place

Religious Name: Joseph Murtagh,Sr.Mary
Secular Name: Winnifred Murtagh
Born: 8-10-1873,Esberagh Ireland
Died: 9-17-1948,Lufkin Tx.

Religious Name: Dominic,Mother Mary
Secular Name: Margaret O'Brien
Born: 6-16-1907,dau.of Edward O'Brien & Mary G.Dineen,Springfield,Ohio
Died: 12-31-1952,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Rose,Mother Mary
Secular Name: Catherine Ultcht
Born: 4-2-1886,Dutchess Co.,New York,dau.of Charles P.Ultcht & Anna Preston
Died: 8-17-1969,Lufkin Tx.

Religious Name: Amata,Sister Mary
Secular Name: Mary Elizabeth Duignan
Born: 9-29-1890,New Jersey(?),dau.of Patrick Duignan & Elizabeth Agnes Philbin
Died: 9-27-1972,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Ann Lorenz,Sister Mary
Secular Name: Naomi Lorenz
Born: 12-26-1901,Alta Vista,Iowa,dau.of Otto M.Lorenz & Sarah Gossman
Died: 5-17-1976,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Thomas,Sr.Mary
Secular Name: Emma Elizabeth Baar
Born: 6-16-1900,Grand Rapids,Mi.,dau.of Charles Baar & Anna Richter
Died: 4-16-1981,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Angels,Sr.Mary of the
Secular Name: Catherine Bridget Robson
Born: 4-19-1899,St.Louis,Mo.,dau.of Joseph J.Robson & Kate Philbin
Died: 4-24-1983,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Columba,Sr.Mary
Secular Name: Mary Catherine O'Reilly
Born: 4-14-1910,Leitrim County,Ireland,dau.of James O'Reilly & Anne McGovern
Died: 1-6-1985,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Immaculate Conception,Sr.
Secular Name: Anna Chapp
Born: 5-6-1894,Detroit(?),Mich.
Died: 11-28-1987,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Gabriel,Sr.Mary
Secular Name: Catherine Amelia Anderl
Born: 10-26-1914,Chippewa Falls,Wi.,dau.of Henry Anderl & Katherine Snyder
Died: 10-19-1988,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Michael,Sr.Mary
Secular Name: Catherine Mary Cunniff
Born: 6-4-1893,McDonald,Pa.,dau.of Patrick F.Cunniff & Mary A. McQuade
Died: 11-24-1988,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Mercy,Sr.Mary
Secular Name: Martha Margaret Calzoncit
Born: 5-22-1936,San Antonio,Tx.,dau.of Nicholas G.Calzoncit & Lucila Perez
Died: 12-24-1991,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Jordan,Sister Mary
Secular Name: Stella Marie Poursine
Born: 1-8-1920,New Orleans,La.,dau.of Alfred W.Poursine & Sidonia Martha Maccari
Died: 7-17-1993,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Germaine,Sr.Mary
Secular Name: Pauline Kociban
Born: 7-12-1915,Rankin,Pa.,dau.of Nicholas Kociban & Anna Zubco
Died: 4-11-1996,Houston,Tx.

Religious Name: Pauline,Sister Mary
Secular Name: Leona Alice Boucher
Born: 8-31-1901,Philadelphia,Pa.,dau.of LeRoy Boucher & Rose Agnes Montgomery
Died: 5-3-1998,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Marie Of Jesus,Sister
Secular Name: Mary Catherine Murray
Born: 3-25-1906,Texarkana,Ark.,dau.of Ellis Wright Murry & Catherine Healy
Died: (typo on this date)March or May (?)8,1999,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Nugent Op,Rev.John M.
Secular Name:
Born: 7-30-1902,Milford,Mass.
Died: 7-3-1972,Lufkin,Tx.

Religious Name: Roach,Monsignor John J.
Secular Name:
Born: 8-6-1908,Philadelphia,Pa.
Died: 11-18-1987,Houston,Tx.



Monastery Of The Infant Jesus
Update as of Dec.2004

Sister Mary William,O.P.
Born July 24,1927 in New Orleans ,Louisiana
Died Dec.22,2004 Age 77 in Lufkin,Tx.
Dau.of Max & Ann Montegut ( mother Ann still living at age 100 )
Entered Monastery at age 19 / remained until death
Prioress 4 terms
Novice Directress 18 yrs.



Update On Monastery of the Infant Jesus , Jan./ Feb.2005

Sister Mary of the Trinity Fagan,OP
Born March 31,1925 Terra Haute,Indiana
Died January 30,2005 Lufkin,Texas
Entered Monastery 1953
d/o James J.Fagan and Mary Denzier
Preceded in death by parents and brothers Tom,Leonard,Larry,Bernard.
Survived by one living brother Jim and sisters Helen Cassidy and Loretta Coghlan.