Hoshall Cemetery

Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J


Hoshall Cemetery is located in Angelina County : from loop 287 S. in Lufkin,Texas
take exit FM.Rd.324 S. going 2.5 miles to Historical Marker on right. The cemetery is 
located between the roadside and the railroad tracks.

The Historical Marker reads :

The Houston East & West Texas Railroad ( HE&WT) came through Angelina County in 1882 and a community Bitterweed Flat developed here. In 1913 W.E.Hoshall purchased land  and timber rights in the area and began shipping logs from Hoshall Swithch on the HE&WT in Bitterweed Flat. In 1917 Luke E.Wright established a sawmill and town with  with churches schools and a commissary at the Switch site. The company town was named  Hoshall and consisted of Anglo & African-American citizens. The sawmill closed and  by 1940 all that remained was the cemetery and the mill pond.

Personal observation.. the pond is still there but the cemetery has all but vanished.  There are only 2 markers visible and they are surrounded by underbrush , weeds , mud  and roadside trash . It's a real shame.

Markers read :

Aug. 14,1907
Jan. 18,1908

In memory of the POWELL FAMILY:

RAMBUS B., died Dec.13,1912 age 59
NANIE ELIZABETH, died Dec.14,1908 age 35
WAYNE HILL,died Aug.9,1903 age 2 1/2