Hans Cemetery

( a private family cemetery)

Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J

Location: in Angelina County just off of Hwy.103E on Mill Creek Rd.
Surveyed: Summer 2004 by Debra Coursey-Pitts

Names                 Dates                    Misc.

SCALES,  Malcolm      11-1-1924/11-12-1997    EM3 US Navy WWII
SCALES,  Lillie      2-7-1927/7-21-2000   Parents of Timi Foose

TOOTLE,  Iron Roscoe   9-15-1920/...
TOOTLE,  Mildred Russum  3-7-1919/3-2-2003   married4-25-1943

HANS, William Edward  1-2-1923/12-29-1988   CPL US Army WWII
HANS, Morine Batson   10-16-1924/4-19-2002

BATSON, Ronnie Dale   4-9-1962/...
BATSON, Floyd"Goat"   1-10-1933/1-11-2003  married Ina Mae 7-15-1950
BATSON, Ina Mae       3-31-1930/...
BATSON, William Lynn  4-26-1951/...

WOENSDREGT,  "Hank"Hendrick  2-12-1916/7-21-2000