Burrous Cemetery

Angelina Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Debra Coursey-Pitts and son D J


BURROUS GRAVES ( also spelled Burris and Bourrous )

Site surveyed by: Debra Coursey Pitts and son D.J. on March 9,2003.

Location : South on Hwy.58,near Lufkin city limits,turn onto Wheeler Dr., then onto Havard Dr., will be straight across creek through the wooded area at end of Havard Dr. (down a trail and to the left of a small pond)

Note: This is on privately owned property of the Havard family, please seek permission from them first before entering.Their house will be at the end of Havard Dr.

These graves are located in what at one time was the garden area of Eliza Burrous, wife of Samuel Burrous,mother of 11 children,one of who was James Burrous. Her son was first to be buried here. He was a solider home on furlow who went into town
and didn't return when his mother thought he should have. Upon searching for him, Eliza found her son hanged in town (would today be known as the Crown Colony golf   course area).  She took her son home and buried him in her flower garden..............
This story has much more to it and further information can be found in the Kurth  Memorial Library Genealogy Dept. under the title of the "Squyers Biography". This story was told to me by a Mrs.Ted (Ruth)Grant a resident of the Pinecrest Senior
Citizens community. She is the author of several publications dealing with the  recanting of Angelina County history and is still writing as of this date. Mrs.Grant is largely responsible for the purchase of a newer tombstone for Samuel Burrous and is trying to get the others replaced also ,as well as hoping to get this site marked as a historical site , cleaned ,and preserved in a manner
befitting a site with so much history.
These tombstones read as follows: Note: the spelling of the last name varies, can be Burrous , Bourrous , or Burris.

Died May 14,1901
Age 81 years

James Burris
Co C 3 Brig Texas State Trp
CSA 1840-1864

Samuel Burris (Burrous-Bourrous)
March 17,1890-Tex.
Married Eliza Squyers Oct.7,1837

(his older tombstone sits at the foot of this newer one as is almost unreadable but the death date on it "appears" to be 1892)