Anderson Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Ricky B. Woolverton


The Hallum Grove Cemetery is located off a small black-topped road which turns west from Highway 19 one-half mile north of Bradford. It sits in the middle of a large pasture used for grazing cattle. Although this cemetery is very old, there are a few tombstones left that are in good condition. They have been protected by a wrought iron fence. There are several graves marked by rocks and a lot of graves that have no markers of any kind. According to some sources, this was a fairly large cemetery and had a lot of tombstones at one time. It is said that some of the stones were used to fill the old well on this site and others have been broken and destroyed over the years by the cattle that graze here.

  This was once a thriving community, with a school, church, and a gin and other businesses. It was named Hallum Grove due to a number of families named Hallum who settled there. At one time some Woolverton families and Ranks families lived there. Some other families who settled there were Millings, Billups, and Rehms. Members of this pioneer family include Mrs. Margaret M. Hallum Rehm, whose children were born near the Hallum Grove School in 1850 and later. Mrs. Minnie Price, daughter of Mrs. Margaret Rein, kept a record of her children’s births to 1902. all were born and reared in Hallum Grove. The Hallum slaves were used to build a road from Kickacoo to Wildcat Ferry. This information came from the family Bible and diary of Mrs. Rehm.

 There are only a few markers left in this cemetery. These were copied in 1986 by Elsie Goggans,  Marie Clark, and Faye Woolverton. According to some information in the Family History of the Ranks, written by Gladys (Hanks) Johnson, there were several Woolvertons buried in this cemetery and had tombstones, but we found none, so they have undoubtedly been destroyed.

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COTTON, Martha A. — Born 10 June 1558 — Died 1 Feb 1892 (Wife of G.W. Cotton)


HALLUM, R. A. R.    Born 24 May 1809 - Died 30 Nov 1875

HALLUM, Margaret M. - Born 6 Sept 1810 - died 2 June 1882 (wife of R.A.R.)


HANSON, Maggie - Born 22 Feb 1880 — Died 16 Oct 1888 (Dau. of J.H. Hanson)

H., J.H. — (Footmarker found near the grave of Maggie Hanson)


MILLER, Nellie - Born 5 Aug 1895 — Died 6 Feb 1902 (Dau. of R.W. & S.J.)

MILLER, S.J.D. Born 14 Aug 1872 - Died 2 Nov 1897 (Wife of R.W. Miller)

Fenced for Milling Graves

MILLING, Hurbert A. — Born 30 Aug 1870 - Died 27 Dec 1885

MILLING, H. H., Dr. — Born l4 June 1857 - Died 16 Feb 1892 (Died at Louisville, Ky.)

MILLING, Richard A. — Born 8 May 1883 - Died 28 June 1906

MILLING, David W. — Born 9 Aug 1859 - Died 4 Feb 1902

MILLING, Susana I. — Born 20 Nov 1861 — Died 22 Dec 1899


REHM, Margaret N. - Born 1 Oct 1839 - flied 2 Nov 1924


STAFFORD, Mabel E. — Born 11Nov 1887 — Died 1 Aug 1889 (dau. of J.M. & F.L. Stafford)


M., N. M. — ( a footmarker)