Campbell Family Cemetery

Palestine, Anderson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Linda Sykes

Location:  Campbell Family Cemetery,   located about 5 1/2 miles south of Palestine, just off of Highway 19. Sign on highway.

There is a Texas Historical Marker on the cemetery.  There were errors in the information given on the historical marker.   Corrections follow.  It reads:
"Campbell Cemetery--
     "Typical of a number of small family cemeteries located throughout
the state of Texas, this graveyard was established by the Campbell
family, who moved to the Mound Prairie Community in this area in 1844.
Albert Gallatin Campbell (1808-1876), his wife Jenny Elvira, and their
children, John Bartlett, Isadore, and James, established a farm.  Soon
the family grew with the addition of another daughter, Jettie, and
another son, Alexander.
     John Bartlett Campbell (1834-1915) returned home after service in
the Civil War and worked in a hardware store to earn money to purchase
his own farm. He eventually purchased 270 acres and built a large home
where he and his wife, Mary Elizabeth (1853-1927) reared their twelve
     John Bartlett Campbell set aside one acre of land on his farm for a
family burial ground and in 1876 his father, Albert Gallatin Campbell,
became the first person buried here.  Albert's was the only burial in
the graveyard for twenty-four years, until his grandson, 23 year-old
John Bartlett Campbell, Jr., died in 1900 of Scarlet Fever.  The
cemetery is still in use by Campbell family descendants." --1994

Corrections in data:
     Albert G Campbell may have been born as early as 1804 in South
Carolina. Albert G. Campbell's wife was Sarah Pierce.  They were married
in Davidson Co., Tennessee, 22 February 1834.  John Bartlett, their
first son was born January 6, 1835 in Davidson Co. TN; Elizabeth, their
second child was born 1837 also in TN. Albert G. Campbell stated he had
been in Texas since 1 March 1838 when he applied (1839) for a Texas land
grant in San Augustine Co. He and Sarah had eight more children
(Margaret, Sarah, James, William, Cintha, Washington, Alexander and
Mary) in Nacogdoches Co. before coming to Anderson Co. about 1855.
(Albert Campbell was elected Constable of Beat "D" in Nacogdoches Co. in
1850, and they were included in the 1850 Federal Census of that
county.)  There were twelve children in all, Martha and Albert being
born in Anderson Co. before 1860.  Three of Albert's sons served in
Civil War cavalry units from Anderson Co.: John, Jim, and William.
    Isadore Campbell was A.G. Campbell's grand-daughter, the daughter of
his son, James I. Campbell.  Alexander Campbell married Jenny Elvira
Sartain, and Jettie (Woodard) Walker was a second cousin of John
Campbell's wife, Mary Elizabeth Black, and called "Aunt Jettie" by
family members.

Cemetery Listing

Albert Gallatin Campbell (1808-1876), b SC

[Sarah Pierce Campbell (1817-18 VA to aft 1885?),[she went back to  TN  to visit family, was in a carriage accident, died & was buried   in Tennessee by family, no death record found]

John B Campbell (6 Jan 1877-1900) s/o John B. and Mary E Campbell

John Bartlett Campbell (6 Jan 1835-30 Sep 1915) h/o Mary Eliz. Black

Mary Elizabeth Black Campbell (18 Dec 1853-Jan 1927) w/o John B.

Sarah Ida Campbell Lively (12 Nov 1875-2 Jun 1970)w/o Wm. Walter Lively

Letha Ann Campbell (5 Nov 1878-1925) d/o John & ME, never married

Eliza Adeline Campbell (24 Dec 1882-1957) d/o John & ME, never married

Daisy Dean Campbell Ray (9 Sep 1886-May 1966) w/o A. Douthit, T.Shaver  & Geo. W. Ray, d/o John and  M.E. Campbell
Alonzo Douthit (Jun 1881-1907) h/o Daisy D. Campbell

Alonzo Douthit, Jr. (1907-1925) s/o Alonzo and Daisy Douthit

Della Dean Douthit (1904-1917) d/o Alonzo and Daisy Douthit

Nettie May Campbell Gonsolus (Aug 1892-1924) w/o Joseph Gonsolus

Mary Elizabeth Campbell Lively (17 Aug 1888-30 Sep 1963) w/o Fred Lively and Geo. Frank Lively, d/o John and M.E. Campbell

Fred Lee Lively (21 Mar 1886-8 Jul 1929) h/o M.E. Campbell

Barbara Allen Campbell Camp (30 Aug 1890-28 Jun 1968) w/o Ira Camp

George W. "Watt" Campbell (Jan 1885-2 Apr 1963)s/o John and ME Campbell

Ora Bynum Campbell (19 Aug 1898-1 Jan 1993) w/o Watt Campbell

William Roland Campbell (21 May 1895-5 Jul 1960) s/o John and M.E.

Sylvia Marie Ladd Campbell (27 Dec 1897-6 May 1973) w/o W. R. Campbell

Wynona Jane Lively (5 Dec 1925-30 Jun 1993),d/o F.L.Lively& ME Campbell

Mary Louise McFarlane Higgins (26 Jun 1914-6 Nov 1995) d/o Amanda  B  Campbell & Albert Jackson McFarlane; w/o John W Higgins.

There is an old gravestone for A.J. McFarlane, husband of Amanda B Campbell in this cemetery, but he is buried in Chambers Cemetery (new gravestone)