Hopewell Cemetery

Bushy Creek, Anderson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Joyce E McWilliams

Location FM 837, 2.5 mi. NW of Brushy Creek

 Information provided by the State of Texas Atlas Site


Serving the rural area of north Anderson County and the community of Brushy Creek, this cemetery traces its history to the 1860s. The earliest documented burial in the graveyard is that of Zylpha Wylie, who died in 1862. There are at least 74 unmarked graves. A number of people were buried here in the 1870s, including many infants and children. Several generations of some pioneer Anderson County families are represented by the gravestones found in the Hopewell Cemetery. Also interred here are five Confederate veterans of the Civil War. The land on which the cemetery is located was officially designated as a burial ground in 1881, when John H. and Mary Young deeded the property to trustees of the Church of Christ at Hopewell. Totaling about six acres, the land was purchased for $15.00 by church trustees William Elkins, Chesley Murphey, and John L. Scarborough. Descendants of the area's pioneer settlers formed a cemetery association in 1953 to provide maintenance for the historic graveyard. A memorial service is held once a year. (1990)

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